Bernard Klevickas
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On this page below are thumbnail images of Bicycle-based sculpture.
Clicking on an image will take you to a larger image of the sculpture and alternative views for each artwork.

Navigation: On each image page to the right under "image view" are links to different views for each sculpture. Buttons are listed as "view 1" or "left" "outside right", etc.
To move on to the next or previous artwork use the "Previous" and "Next" links above the image.

I have been developing this portion of my website over a period of time in order to best reflect what I feel is my strongest art in the direction of abandoned Bicycle-based sculpture. If you want to see my other art- at the top of this page is a link which will open a new window to my full website.
Thank you.   -Bernard Klevickas

bike racks
Bicycle Racks

baroque bike rack
Baroque Bike Rack
twisted bicycle planter
Twisted Bicycle Planter
branching out
Branching Out
One into Many into One
One into Many into One
Rain Water Catchment
Rainwater Catchment
untitled (specimen1)
untitled (Specimen 1)
untitled (form in space)
untitled (Form in Space)
bicycle root
Bicycle Root
mirrored branch
Mirrored branch